Wedding Woes

So, H is getting snipped.

Had our consultation with the surgeon today for H's vasectomy.  We're on the calendar for February 7. 

I know it's the right thing to do, but I still feel a little sad.


Re: So, H is getting snipped.

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    :( But yay for not having to worry about BC anymore?
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    I can imagine having mixed emotions about it all.  Good luck to you and your H. 
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    Yeah.  Being paranoid about getting knocked up does put a damper on the BCBC.  And there are lots of reasons for us to be done having children (in general, and biological children specifically). 

    I just enjoyed being pregnant, and it all went by so fast with the inadvertent back-to-back babies.  I do get a little jealous when i see pregnant people.  But I'm also totally worn out, so I don't get jealous thinking about the newborn care stage.  Even now people are telling us how much better it will be when they're older. (Even the vasectomy doc this morning said, "once you're through with sippy cups and diapers, it is SO much easier.")

    So yeah.  And hell, it took me a year to finally agree to it, even though it was technically in the plan since the beginning.

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    Good luck!
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