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family ties: oh donna


you guys, this was a bad one.  let's just say there was a lot of gaddamn eye-rolling and giving of the finger to alex p.

so the a plot is that elyse is pregnant because she is not a slut or prostitute who takes birth control but she did have enough sex to get her pregnant.  the keatons' home is being used for a group, private lamaze class.  i assume this will not be covered by insurance.

david paymer and his wife are there, as are another forgettable couple.  you guys, what can i say about david paymer?  he is awesome.  he is great at playing the everyman, and the downtrodden man.  he was the hapless hotel reviewer in "ocean's 13."  do you know he was nominated for an academy award?  guess who he was up against.  let's just say, he was boned.  (he lost to gene hackman for "unforgiven", and was up against jack nicholson in "a few good men," al pacino for "glengarry glen ross' and jaye davidson for "the crying game."  i mean, who do YOU think should have won that one?  certainly not anyone who came out of the crapfest that was "mr. saturday night."  what else came out that year? 
"the bodyguard."  ... too soon?)

then walks in donna, an unmarried pregnant woman (and in the state of wisconsin, a criminal).  btw, i had issues with the basic premise of this episode, because don't you have to have a lamaze partner?  i wouldn't know because i definitely wanted the druggie birth experience, so this whole "visualize the pain" stuff was totally ignored by me.

anyway, everyone is all "where's your husband?"  and she's all "kindly get bent, it's just me!"  but then again, people were all "elyse and steven are old" when they were in the keatons house so i guess columbus is just rude.  btw, how did they get all these people?  this was in the time before craigslist, so i assume it was a little tear-off sheet at the grocery store or local skyline?

while they are on lamaze break, alex is hanging out in the kitchen.  he takes a shine to donna, and offers to help her in the class.  he is so taken with the idea of donna giving birth that he offers to be her lamaze partner for real.

so next thing you know, alex is taking donna out and shopping for nursery things.  okay, so -- elyse and steven are at odds about this.  elyse is all "what's the harm?"  and steven is all "this is a terrible, terrible idea."  TEAM STEVEN.

elyse and steven finally ask alex how he feels about donna, and he's all "she's great, we're going to make a great family, yay."  they ask if he even likes her, and he's all "what's that got to do with the price of eggs?"

so eventually donna comes to her senses and is all "look, this has been great and all, but let's be honest here.  you and i don't have a relationship at all.  i'm sure i fit in great with your idea of what a family should be but that's it."  TEAM DONNA.

anyway, alex is all sad that he doesn't get to play house anymore.  and then he has the balls to blame elyse and steven because they're such great parents (WHEN?) and he just wants to emulate them.

and then i went to bed angry!  THE END.


Re: family ties: oh donna

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    i remember this episode. poor elyse and steven for being too old in their own home.
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    I remember this one, too.
    I love your David Paymer rant.
    Hmo - when you move, please don't get a "real" job.   You have found your calling in life and it is to write recaps/reviews of 80's tv.

    And yes, everyone in Columbus is rude.  ;)
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    I want AF & 6 to organize a Keaton Reality Tour.  Everyone who participates can get a degree from Grant College!

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    Ha @ zsa!   Everything they mentioned on the show (restaurants, dept stores, etc.) that actually existed, now no longer exist.   Too bad, so sad.
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