Wedding Woes

As I sit next to my illegal space heater.

I'm feeling for all of those people without power and in blizzard conditions.

I hope they have a lot of firewood and hard liquor to keep them warm.

<Turn on the power, stat />

Re: As I sit next to my illegal space heater.

  • Me too.  

    I haven't heard from Hooka today, but I did last night.  I checked her area and it looks like she's more than likely w/out power right now, doesn't say for how long.  She had told me last night they were putting out the power warnings and then warning re: snow this am.
  • Yes, I've been thinking about all of our East Coast ladies. I hope all is well.
  • Crazy stuff.  Seriously.  I can't imagine it at all.  I do remember the flood, but THAT with a storm following with freezing temps...ugh.
  • Hooka is good.

    I think Blizz is good too, b/c I'm pretty sure she was on FB this am.
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