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1.  How much better are cereal bags now?  They were practically superglued shut when I was a kid who refused to get the scissors.  Now you don't end up with a rainfall of cereal or a tear down the side of the bag.

2.  My 9yo niece loves clothes from Justice and has picked out tons of stuff from an ad/catalog for xmas.  I haven't been able to bring myself to buy anything from there because I think it's all fug.  I know it isn't about me and I should buy her what she wants, but I just hate it all.  I'll probably end up doing it though if she doesn't give me any other ideas.  I hope my girls never want their stuff.

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    I hate Justice and it's really pricey.  Luckily, I don't think my nieces really care about where their clothes come from...yet.  Also, my SIL gave me a list of DVD's, books, and CD's my nieces want for Christmas.  I found them all on Amazon.  Done and done.
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    I went in there this weekend looking a jewerly boxes for my grandaughter.  They had a really cute glittery one, but it was $60!!  Just a kids jewerly box, it was 40% off but I still wasn't gonna pay that.  I went to target and got one that is just about identical for $24.  But when my DD's were younger the "in" clothes were Limited too, I bit the bullet and got them some things there, but always watched for sales, still to high though.  Then HS it becomes Hollister!  They get a little better though, college and beyond and they like Forever 21 and Delia's and department store stuff just as well.  Girls are expensive!
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    I remember my baby sis's tremendous fondness for Delia's mail order.
    I liked some of their stuff too :-P
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