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I'd love to know

Somewhere along the lines DH's name has been entered as "Beverly."  We get all sorts of crap address to Beverly and 6fsn.  I'd love to know where it started to know who is selling our names.

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    Well, sheesh...At least tell your H before you move your lesbian lover in.  ;)
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    I think you should just start calling him Beverly.
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    This is my favorite post of the day.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    I am trying so hard not to LOL at work.  Ask him if that was his way of telling you he wanted one of those operations.
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    I've been getting subscription for Time Out New York addressed to Tom mylastname for years now.  I have never lived in New York and have only traveled there three times - the last time was in 2002.  I think Time Out is a paid subscription.  I have no idea how/why it keeps coming, but I love reading the movie reviews.
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    my fiance has something (cant remember it right now) that is billed to him as James (last name here)

    his actual name is Brandyn James Donat - james donat are his middle names

    oh and the taxman thinks his birthday is oct 2 when in reality it is feb 10 ...

    i also get my cable bill as Laurenashley (one name) when ashley is my middle name....

    i guess people dont care that much when entering information
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