Wedding Woes

aw crap.

coworker just asked if I could cover for her this afternoon--I can and said so.

Her dog ate something they think was poison last week and she has a vet appointment this afternoon.  (the 3rd or 4th apointment after the stomach pump).

Shes not sure if he's going to be put down.

This lady is...'challenging' and older and lives alone w/ her pets and has very little in the way of friends and family and it's almost effin christmas.  I will just cry if she has to put them down.
(she was crying when she called me).

(she lives near where I work, which, y'all know is a tough place and...she called the cops on the drug-dealer in her neighborhood 6 months ago or so.  He went away for a while and he just, about a week before this incident, showed up back in her hood, back in his old house.  That may be the 'why' for the dog finding something in her fenced yard that made him this ill)

Re: aw crap.

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