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I talked to my Mom last night and she was asking me about my gluscose levels. She was all, "those sound normal," and I agreed. I told her my intention to keep collecting data for the doc and she was all, "WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO HAVE DIABETES?!?!?!?!"

Oh, Mom.

Anywho, since I have started tracking my food and glucose levels, I have noticed something important - the number only ever goes over 150 if I have fast food french fries. I had those on the day of my 228 blood draw. I had them again (Dr. HS told me to eat the same thing) when I got a 180-something.

So, I think the fries are to blame for all of this. Or maybe this is all pointing to pre-diabetes. I don't know. But for what it is worth, everything you have told me to do is paying off and I appreicate it. Just wanted to tell you :)

Re: ::zsa-zsa::

  • McDonalds sprays their fries with a sugar solution to get the crispy. SIL's doctor told her she had to stop eating them when she got GD, cause that was just making things worse. 
  • Barbie - It was fries from McD.
  • Isn't "pre-diabetes" a crock of sht? Or is it that it's a real condition that's over-diagnosed recently, and therefore seems like a crock of sht?
  • I don't know, BMom? I think it is a way of keeping you coming back to jab you with needles and take your co-pay.
  • I'm glad things are looking better and that maybe I was able to help with Dr. HS's "OH NOS!!!  MIGHT AS WELL HAVE AIDS!!!"

    Fries are the devil in more ways than one.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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  • H made me sweet potato fries to see how I fared with those - much better. However, I put an obscene amount of ranch on them, so that wasn't awesome.

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