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She is praying for me...

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    i only made it through page one, but this was my favorite part:
    "Maybe their lord likes gingerbread men who wear thongs."

    (... it was actually Pinocchio wearing the thong - a wooden boy may be more scandalous than a cookie. not only does Shrek promote thongs, it promotes cross dressing!!!)
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    I'm not down to that part but mkanderson has a freaking adorable little girl. Good lord.
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    Mkay now I'm effectively rolling my eyes right out of my head.

    This is pretty much the exact conversation I had with a coworker the other day.

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    I'm still stuck on and Emmalin and Bria. 

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    I read page 1. Skimmed it, apparently, because I missed the gingerbread thing.  The first response was just about the best.

    It reminded me of when I read "The Unlikely Disciple" this summer ( Students at Liberty University actually check some uberconservative website that rates movies on things like "use of foul language" and level of skin exposure (not just nudity - stuff like 'upper thighs visible" or something).  And then some would opt out of a certain movie because they didn't want to be tempted or to have bad influences in their life. 

    I remember a website back in 1998/1999 had a similar thing.  Reviewed "family-friendly" movies for all kinds of issues. I remember that they mentioned that Toy Story had a "stereotypical depiction of a helpless female" or something - in the beginning when the other toys "rescue" the princess doll. 

    It was interesting, and not something I'd really thought about.

    Then again, my kid has watched Monsters, Inc. about 50 times in the last month. I'm sure there's something bad in there. I mean, the kid talks to strangers. Mike Wizowski kisses his schmoopie-poo.  Uberbad.

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    DG it means he's going to be a satan worshipping goat murderer. Who wears stripes with polkadots.
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