Wedding Woes

so for chilcare, this is badnews, for time together, this is goodnews

the Mr.'s new bid (which starts in a week) leaves him working M-F.
So he will NOT be home w/ Buffy 2x per week.
I *think* we have anotehr plan lined up (so she'll see my folks 1 day a week, MIL 1 day a week, and in-hme-friend-childcare for the afternoons 2x per week)

But I hate the bid system.  I mean, for ceareal, I'm suposed to be able to plan my childcare with TWO WEEKS notice?
We're managing but, ugh.

It's just as well though--I want to move away from using the 'rents anyhow--I lurve 'em but I can see some battles looming--that and I still stand by the fact that grandma's house should be where they don't need discipline and get to eat icecream for breakfast--but they can't do that for 12 hours, 1x per week.
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