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Movie Reviews

I know you all trust my taste in movies, so I will share.

1. The Ugly Truth. It had Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler. Therefore, it was a win regardless of what happened. But I really did like it, and DH did too.

2. The Proposal: It would have been better if Ryan Reynolds would have shown his junk. But it was good.

3. Seasons 1 and 2 of Breaking Bad. OMG y'all. OMG. We love this show. And now I'm pissed we don't have cable anymore (we turned it off when I lost my job and have decided to remain without relying on Netflix and Hulu). Because howthehell am I going to wait until the season is done to find out what happens with Jesse, will Walt tell Skyler where the money came from, will Hank have a break down, and OMG what is going on with Marie's kleptomania?

My life is hard. Very hard.

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