Wedding Woes

Ok, I'm excited and it's slow so...

DH has been having  a rough time of it lately with his family.  My mother had made a comment that we needed to escape for a weekend.  It's been stuck in my head. 

Last night, more drama entailed with his family, this time spiraling stupid little BIL that I don't like into it.  I woke up this morning and decided I was taking us away for a bit.

Booked a room at one of the nice B&Bs and hitting the wine trail in N. Mo for 3 days.  They're having a festival that was 6 wineries and "summer pairings" for $30, tickets good for both days.  We'll get there Friday, taking the bikes to do some riding on the trails out there that day, then the festival on Sat/Sun.

I'm going to spring it on him Friday morning when we drop the dogs off at my parents.  "Oh, I forgot to tell you...we're not going to work."  I already called his work and have his boss working on making sure he can go.

As a side bonus of relaxing and hopefully giving him some horrid MIL can rot in her parents house and think about what it's like when she doesn't have the support of the only son that gives a crap about her.  I'll enjoy it a bit too much, but I admit my evilness.

Re: Ok, I'm excited and it's slow so...

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