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Did Nina stab Beth or was Beth stabbing herself?

Nina stabbed Beth.  Beth was crazy, yes, but it was obvious that she was a vegetable. 

How much did the chicken skin wig you out?  B/c it wigged me out A LOT, especially in the sex scene. 

The chicken skin didn't wig me out at all.

Why did she imagine up the sex scene?

Why not?  Good god she needed an orgasm like most people need to breathe.  Also, do you think she went home with that guy from the bar?  Lily said alluded to it, but didn't confirm.  Plus, the bar was moved away from the door by the time Nina woke up.  What's up with that?  ::Jason Sedakis moves:: 

How grotesque was the stabbing image with all those white feathers?  Did your head not just scream VAGINA!!!!??

I think we all know my vagina looks more like the opera curtains dropping, so ... no, I didn't think that.  ;)  Also, I didn't find it grotesque.  I found it predictable.  She had to find some way to die but still perform a perfect dance.

Was that Black Swan dance not amazing?  That was the scene that just had me gasping for air.  I still don't understand how Portman managed to change her entire body language so much for five minutes.

Phenomenal.  Like gave me chicken skin for a solid five minutes.  A. May. Zeeng!  I have many, many questions about her training (length, duration) and how many body doubles were or were not used.  Esp. re: Mila Kunis. 

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    - See, I think it was all just one big hallucination. The hallucinations were Nina's "Black Swan" side screaming to get out, and she wanted to get rid of Beth, so her "Black" side did it for her.

    - Chicken skin didn't wig me out. I thought it was interesting. When she pulled that black feather out of her back, though? *shudders*

    - Agreed w/ Nico about the sex scene. She desperately needed to get off. I don't think she went home w/ that guy - her mother would have flippedthefuckout. 

    - The last dance was just incredible. 

    I loved loved loved how they incorporated Tchaikovsky's actual score as the soundtrack. It made the movie much more powerful, IMO.

    Also, I've had a longstanding crush on Vincent Cassel and I was incredibly turned on by him in this.
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    Man, I agree with the orgasm.  We saw it at the indie theatre where they still do intermission.  I told DH she just needed to get off at intermission.  Then, the sex scene happened.

    Hm, I never thought she had to die for the perfection.  I thought the only way she could subsume the White Swan was to kill her.  And it being through killing Mila's character.  I didn't think she intended to kill herself and was shocked by it, but forced herself through it for the perfection.  Though I was rather WTF @ the fact that no one noticed the red blood spot on a perfectly white costume.

    I can see all of it being a hallicination.  I couldn't decide if she went home with the guy from the bar and maybe that's where the orgasm/hallucination collided.  But I decided she didn't, that she hallucinated the sex scene, b/c that's how much she could let go at th at point.  She couldn't have subsumed the White Swan persona until the end.

    And yes, Vincent Cassel was hot in this.  That scene where he turns it on and then just turns it off with the comment, "That's me seducing you"?  I was crushed for her.
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