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Reception food and service a total disaster

I'm looking for some help in spreading the word about not having your wedding at a reception place where I had mine. Before I blast them, however, I thought it would be helpful to gather some advice on how to go about stating my complaints and possiby having money refunded. I was promised a unique and class affair and wound up looking like I spent $10 a head on kiddy food, no air conditioning, service so bad it makes going to a cafeteria seem like a five star restaurant.
I will gladly share all the details, but as I said, I want to know if anyone can guide me in the right direction. The worst part is that I am from the cateering business and I am horrified that my guests experienced what they experienced.
Thank you for help.

Re: Reception food and service a total disaster

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    First we would need to know what your contract says would be provided, what was actually provided, and whether or not you did any sort of tasting. Also what was shown/told to you at the venue viewing. Did you ask about air conditioning? Was it part of the contract? Or did you just assume it would work? Did you plan the menu with the caterer? If they violated the contract then you have grounds to demand money back. Its usually best to go in person and talk to a supervisor rather than emails. good luck
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