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Stupid cell phone question

H has a phone that is about 7 years old and looks terrible.  He just does prepaid minutes because he uses it maybe twice per month.  It is primarily for emergencies.  I do think he would text more often if he had a qwerty keypad so I was thinking about picking up a new phone for him and just popping in his data card. 

Some of those phones are smart phones, but he won't have a data plan.  Can any smart phone link to wi-fi or do I need to look for that specifically mentioned in the specifications?  Since he spendd 90% of his time either at work or home (with access to wi-fi in both places), it would be nice if he could still use that with his phone although he has an ipod touch that he carries with him all the time that does the same thing.

I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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