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Wedding dress alterations regret - Back fat in pictures!

UGHHHH I am so frustrated.  I bought a beautiful Enzoani dress, well, it was everything I imagined, except it gave me a little muffin top in the back.  Otherwise, it was gorgeous!  So I got it a size up, because I knew the back was going to be an issue.  When I finally got the dress, I asked if I should have it taken out in the back because I still didn't like the way it looked, and was told by my sister, seamstress & mom that I shouldn't have it taken out because then it would be to loose on my chest.  They convinced me it would be fine!  So I just got a little material cut from the back to make it a little more v shaped because I wanted my arm pits to breathe  (summer wedding).  Horrible mistake.  I should have listened to myself and had it let out in the back because EVERY FREAKIN TIME I LOOK AT MYSELF IN MY WEDDING PICTURES I AM HORRIFIED AT THE SIGHT OF BACK FAT.  Sigh :(  I hope the professional pictures at least do a better job of hiding it...

My nightmare is that all my friends and family were there judging me and saying "Oh she looks gorgeous, minus the back fat."   I am really not that fat at all!!   I even ended up crying on my honeymoon because of it :(  Even if I get over it for a bit, I end up seeing someone else's pictures, and wanting to hide in a hole somewhere all over again!! 

To all future brides out there: trust your own judgment! 

Couldn't someone just tuck my fat towards my boobs?? Geesh!!

Re: Wedding dress alterations regret - Back fat in pictures!

  • Butter CookieButter Cookie member
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    Well, you look beautiful. Besides, it could have been worse.
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  • 6fsn6fsn member
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    Ha, Butter.

    I agree that you look beautiful.  90% of the candids from my wedding were horrid- HORRID.  The pro pics were lovely.
  • baconsmombaconsmom member
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    Oh, BC. You're my hero. 

    OP, I'm pretty sure it's not the dress or the pictures that are the problem. I'd tell you to Google "size acceptance", but I have a feeling it will fall on deaf ears, and it's early, and I'm tired. 

    So I'm just going to go pet my rolls instead, and be happy that this is not my problem. 
  • Sloane99Sloane99 member
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    You look like a normal, healthy bride, that is even more beautiful on her wedding day and above all else you look happy. 

    I have pictures of me at my wedding that I know aren't the most flattering of me but some of them show some great moments and caught the real emotions of the day which is why I wanted photos in the first place.

    Please stop letting this take over your life in any capacity.
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  • hmonkeyhmonkey member
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    i want to see more pictures.  this looks like a lovely dress, particularly the side detail, and you look like you made some excellent successory decisions.

    btw, it's not called "back fat."  it's called "back bacon."  please use the correct disparaging term in the future.  thanks in advance.
  • zsazsa-stlzsazsa-stl member
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    Hmo - I think that is a purse on the side.  A purse for bringing home the bacon.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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  • DG1DG1 member
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    I had the same thought immediately after my wedding. And, to be honest, even up to a year or two later.

    But I've come to just look at the pictures and see how happy we were, how beautiful everything was, and how much fun everyone was having. 

    And really, don't beat yourself up.  Having a nipple slip because your dress was too big would have been MUCH worse.

  • kpwedkkkpwedkk member
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    Until you said something, I didn't notice it at all... You are a beautiful bride, and that's all that counts :)  You married the one you love!!

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    WOW BC ahahhahah yeahh it wasn't that bad.  A little back bacon, but I didn't have turkey drumsticks hanging by any means. 

    I am trying to let it go... I did look nice from the front.  I guess that's more important than the back.  Plus I wore a veil for 75% of the time.  I'm hoping that I will eventually get over it like DG1.  I bagged my husband and that's what matters most!! 

    I appreciate your support ladies!!! 

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