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::head+wall+oncoming traffic::

There's a temp next door while the main secretary is on maternity leave.  She's nice, polite and sweet as can be.  But the girl is D U M dumb.

Dumb Girl (DG, not DG1) comes over this a.m. with rolls of stamps in her hands and says, "Hey.  We've got all of these stamps I can't use.  Would you guys be interested in buying them from us?" 

I said, "Sure.  Are you guys getting an automated machine or using or something?"

DG:  "No.  Last time we ordered 10 rolls and they sent us these state flag stamps and I just don't mail to all of these states, or not that frequently."

Me:  <perplexed look>  "What?"

DG:  "For example, see this Mississippi flag stamp?  I only have one vendor in Mississippi and I mail payment to them 2x/year, so there's no way I can use all of these stamps for Mississippi.  What I really need are more Florida stamps.  Do you have any of those?"

Me:  <head+desk>  "Hon, um... those are decorative.  You can put any of those stamps on any piece of mail and it will get there."

DG:  "I don't get it." <insert dog head tilt here>

Me:  "Kind of like a memorial stamp.  You can put those on any piece of mail and it will get to the addressed state, regardless of what the stamp looks like.  It's not like the Arthur Ashe memorial stamps had all of that mail going to Ol' Arty's house, right?  Same principal."

DG:  "OMG I never thought of it that way.  Fantastic!!  Guess I can cancel that order of 20 rolls of AMERICAN FLAG stamps now."

Jesus be a brain.

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