Wedding Woes

oh for the love of little green of our engineering-type instructors called to say he'd

secretary told class he'd be late.

Class was in a classroom that has to be locked (computers) so I could either let them stand in the hall OR I could let them in and 'babysit' the room (for liability reasons)
I babysat them.
They were good guys and they didn't grouse excessively. 

But when the instructor was over 45 minutes late, the natives started getting restless.  I called secretaries and boss and...basically I was told "you can't *make* them stay--dude isnt answering his cell-phone, we don't know where he is or when he'll be there..."
so after instructor was an hour late, they left.  (I *did* have them sign a sign-out sheet so I can vouch that they were there and as patient as they were)

Instructor just got huffy w/ secretary...he'd said he was going to be late, why didn't she make them stay.
Uh, because it was over an hour and 15 min late when he finally showed.

He got an entire class to wait over 45 minutes, he's got no right to grouse @ these kids.  (I even convinced them to look over the syllabus.)
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