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I am failing at life today

I have spent a lot of time on a report for a client and was really pleased with the outcome (so were the folks who reviewed it internally, and the client who reviewed a draft of it before I sent it out into the world). Of course, because this is me we are talking about, I didn't email out the awesome version of the report - I sent out an old version of it. To everyone.

Then, when that was brought to my attention, I tried to send out the proper copy to one cw and main client (instead of the crappy version that I sent to him and all of his bosses). Did I manage to get the email addresses correct? No. I accidentally sent it to cw and my boss, with the previous email from cw detailing my fubar.
I would bet my life savings that boss reads that when she gets around to it, (probably at 4AM on Saturday morning), and calls me to hand me myass and/or fires me. She's awesome like that, and never herself has ever made a mistake and is a screamer, to boot.

Finally, on the third try, after crying in front of my cw, I managed to get the proper copy out to two people and have asked that they send it to the people that it should go to, because apparently I am incapable of doing anything correctly.

I was so happy that it was Friday and was looking forward to the weekend. Now, I am going to worry all weekend until my boss calls me and yells at me, and then I'll just be upset. Why can't I ever do anything right? I am so pissed at myself. Boss will yell, but no one is harder on me than me and I am so upset. I was so proud of my work.

Re: I am failing at life today

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    Oh, Min. I know this feeling only too well.

    I hope she doesn't do this. I know how unhappy you are at work as it is.
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    Thanks, loveshine. I sent out an email with the proper report, appologies, etc. Apparently boss does this all the time, but she will contradict herself in order to find dault in others, so we'll see. My emergency stash of valium is helping out/kicking in so I am feeling better.

    You ought to FB me your #. We can text. I do that with Zilla and hmo on the weekends and it helps.  
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    Can you reclaim an email? Some email systems let you take back unread messages. It would still send your boss a message saying that the email was reclaimed, but you can deny deny deny. Or, you could go sitcom-style and sneak into her office while she's at work and erase her hard drive.
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    I tried to recall the message, but couldn't figure out how to do so.

    Asking her asst to delete crossed my mind for about a second, but that would be wrong. Stupidity I can handle, being unethical, I cannot.
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