Wedding Woes

I get to go shopping! (WWWWD?)

I've been saving all of my shopping mojo for THIS WEEKEND, when the tall girl shop sets up a "pop up store" in a hotel downtown.  I will find clothes with truly long sleeves and shirts that are designed for people with long torsos.  Pants will have long inseams. It will be heaven.

It will also probably be full-price.  SO - I'm torn.  I mean, I need clothes. Badly.  I'm also doing pretty well on WW and am not planning to be this size for very long. 

What's a reasonable budget for a clothing outing like this?  I'm ordinarily all pearl-clutchy if I spend more than $30 on a pair of pants or $20 on a shirt. 

Of course, once I figure out their sizing, I'll be able to do some ordering online. But I'd also like to walk away with a few things.  Heck, I'd love to walk away with a lot of things.  I'm really tired of wearing the same pair of jeans every damn day, occasionally mixing it up with one of my two pair of dressier pants.

urgh.  I think I might just need a pep talk. :)

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