Trying to keep it all in perspective!!

If these are my worst problems...I will be really lucky!!

Having trouble getting responses from a few vendors...still plenty of time, but annoying!

The park we wanted portraits taken is still under construction, so we had to pick an alternate site.  Although I had to rethink everything, I think it will work out to be even better!!

The guest list is a lot smaller than we expected.  Frown  We expected a bunch of no's because so many people are from out of town, but  50% seems a bit low.  There are some good friends that will really be missed, but I understand that things happen.

Still trying to confirm the best man/groomsman situation. It seems that work projects/trips may alter the plan, but we should know by tomorrow.

Got a call from Gene Juarez today saying that my hair colorist will be on vacation next week and can't color my hair as scheduled!  The appointment has been scheduled for MONTHS...couldn't I have gotten a little notice?!?!  They asked if I wanted someone else...ah, no...not interested in experimenting 2 1/2 weeks before my wedding.  Annoyed, but I'll go tomorrow night and I'm sure it will be fine!

Sorry for the long rant.  All this planning is just exhausting!!

Re: Trying to keep it all in perspective!!

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    I agree...all this planning is exhausting!

    I hear you on the guest list...ours is only about 50% too... Frown

    And that's really annoying about Gene Juarez!  I would think they would be better than that...I'm sure it'll turn out fine though.
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    I'm sorry! It does get more stressful the closer we get:( Hang in there and hope that this is it for trouble!
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    Hang in there, it'll work out okay.  FWIW, yes, a lot of vendors seem to drag their feet a bit on responding, but it's partially to be expected since wedding season is now in full swing.  I end up having to remind myself when things start getting messy to take a deep breath, close my eyes and basically just say "Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" :P
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