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My co-worker is cracking me up

I could be highly annoyed by her, but I'm decided to find it funny instead.

One -- she has a sign that says, "If it's not "One Nation Under God, Kiss My A$$".  Since I'm not really sure what the intent of that is (I mean I get she thinks the Pledge of Allegiance is religious, but the Kiss My A$$ part throws me), I'm just ignoring it.

But she gets annoyed easily and she is VERY vocal about it.  I always hear ginourmous sighs coming from her office.  She comes out of her office to deliver bad news ("there's a gas leak in [town]!!!!) like she's announcing the opening act of the apocalypse.  She just received a phone call from someone she didn't want to talk to and literally yelled, "OH MY GOD" and then big sighed, before taking it.  I'm going to start counting all the big sighs I hear.

The other side is a woman from New York.  She still completely has the NY accent like I hear in the movies and has a "I Heart NY" coffee mug.  She's also hilarious.  I heard her tell on of the attorneys, "What are you wearing a coat for?  It's like 80 degrees out there,you don't need a coat!" in her thick accent and totally Mom sounding.

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