Wedding Woes

More on gifts

DH is so annoyed with MIL.  Every year she gives ideas on what to get her or her husband.  Problem is she gives each kid the same idea- this year a kindle light for her, and Taxi season 3 for sFIL.  We were seconds from buying Taxi when DH found out his brother already had.  This is why he also got 2 copies of Seabiscuit, 2 copies of Everybody Loves Raymond season 4, and 2 pillows for watching tv.

Also this year MIL was being all sneaky about getting sFIL a Blue Ray.  While DH was there for Tday, sFIL came in with one for MIL.  He decided not to tell, because they'll use both. 

(and yes, they are that addicted to tv)

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