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Father or Grandfather

I don't know what to do. I want my grandfather to walk me down the aisle because he has raised me, since my mother passed away when I was a child. I feel bad because I know this will hurt my father and his side of the family but my father has been estranged my entire life and only comes around when he feels guilty. I don't want to seem like I'm bitter or mean, but I feel that my grandfather has been my father for the past 28 years. What should I do?

Re: Father or Grandfather

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    Could you do both?  Could you have your father walk you part way down, and your grandfather the other way?  Who is giving you away?

    That's a tough choice!
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    While I don't think any of us can really tell you who to choose, it very much sounds like you want your grandfather to walk you down. Could your father stand up at the end, greet your FI and said 'we do' together when they ask who is giving you away? Also, are you and someone dancing? That could be your moment with your father? Good luck!
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    There's nothing wrong with walking yourself down the aisle or starting down the aisle alone and having your FI meet you halfway.
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