Wedding Woes

SD Videographer- NR3 Productions is a nightmare!

We hired NR3 to tape our wedding ceremony and lunch in Sept 09.  They directly disregarded our requests for our ceremony highlights video.  And most of the footage they included in the video was blurry.  John was defensive and derogatory when I called him with my concerns the night we received the video (as we planned to use it the next evening at our reception), saying things like I must not love my family very much if I didn't want the audience shown in the video clips, and blamed the weather for the blurry footage.  We could not understand why he didn't stick to our request to have the shots focused on us while we said our vows and why he didn't just use footage that was clear.

As our 1-year anniversary approaches, we still do not have a longer wedding video (John agreed to take NR3 out of our contract after the highlights video debacle).  And we do not have consistent video from a camera focused just closely on us as we exchanged our vows.  To this day I am still embarrassed for hiring NR3 and so saddened by the frustrating memories they added to such a joyous day.

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