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3 weeks out and no officiant

My dad is a retired minister and we had asked him to offiate our wedding on August 11th. We're trying to do this on a really small budget since I'm currently in school full time and can only work 3 days a week. Well, come to find out tonight that my dad's ordination is no longer valid since he's not with the church anymore. For some reason he didn't think this was important?! What the hell, Dad?

Since he actually takes this stuff seriously he isn't ok with getting an online ordination, which I understand, but I'm seriously going to get an ulcer. He's going to get ahold of the current pastor of his old church and see if there's any way he can get an emergency temporary ordination. Otherwise the going rate for officiants around here starts at 225 and we're running dangerously close.

Re: 3 weeks out and no officiant

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    Eeeek! I'd be stressed too, but try to be patient and hopefully your dad will come through for you and work something out. If not, maybe a close friend would be willing to do the online ordination and officiate your wedding and not charge you (or you can offer a small fee, whatever you can afford).
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    Try Craigslist; in my area there are always listings for cheap, legit officiants.
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    Well, my dad heard back from the current pastor and it's not something that can really be done as the process has gotten lengthy and complicated. FI found someone on Craigslist for 100 so he's going to call her today. I doubt if we'll both have time to meet with her first since we don't have any days off together.
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    Just have your dad perform the ceremony and then do what you need to do legally (courthouse/justice of the peace) afterwards - or beforehand - whatever you're comfortablewith.    It's not really a big deal.
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