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I have problems (long)

So Herbert has been a terror since we moved. I feel awful for her. Between the new house, new baby, and quitting daycare she's had a lot of upheaval in a very short time. She barks at the slightest noises from outside, and if she's not in the same room as I am she whines until I get her.

The worst though, is she's started peeing inside when we leave. The only room we can leave her in right now is the kitchen, which has a terribly uneven floor. So no matter where in the room she pees, it pools underneath the refrigerator. Every day for the last 2 weeks we've had to pull out the fridge to clean up, and scrubbing the entire kitchen floor.

I have no idea how to train her to stop doing this. She knows she's supposed to go outside, and it's not an issue of holding it. She's specifically doing it because she's mad. She's starting daycare again at the end of this month, but that seems so far away.

We have a few possible solutions:
- Go back to crating her. I worry that this will just mean that she's sitting in her own mess all day and we'll end up having to clean the floor AND bathe the dog every night.
- Dog door. We have one, but I keep it closed when we're not home. It just doesn't seem secure to have an open hole in the door when we're gone. Also I'm not terribly comfortable having her outside unsupervised. Our yard is secure enough that I'm not worried about her getting out, but I'm very worried about others getting in and either taking her or claiming she attacked them.
- Start leaving her in the bathroom. It's bigger than a crate, but at least the kitchen is somewhat open to the rest of the house and she can see out. She would be much less happy in the bathroom, but the mess would be much more contained.

Is there a solution that I'm missing? Does anyone who's dealt with this have training ideas?
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