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***DG re: swimming lessons***

How old was Dex when he started, and what do they do?

Registration for summer swim class begins Thursday, and I'm so excited.  We've taken Maddie to the pool and she loves it.

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    This is his first round of lessons, so he was 16 months at the beginning of it.  It's at the YMCA, and classes are 45 minutes long.  The youngest baby in the class is about 9 months, I think (and she LOVES it!).

    Mostly, they play buoyancy games (with the parent sortof lifting the baby in/out of the water) while they sing songs.  Hokey pokey, stuff like that.  Then they give them a kickboard and we try to get them to kick their feet.  For older kids (the class goes up to 2 years +), they try to at least get them to go through the motions of actual swimming strokes.  They do "humpty dumpty" off of the side of the pool, and when humpty has his great fall, the kids jump into the pool (and/or are plopped/put in by their parents, who are in the pool to catch them).

    They also climb this aluminum pole, which is weird. Only one kid actually does it. The others (including Dex) just look around like "WTF is up with this pole?" 

    I'm really glad we are doing it.  I grew up on the gulf coast and spent half of my life at the pool. Swam competitively in high school, was a lifeguard and swim instructor, the whole deal.  It makes me sad to think of my babies growing up in the landlocked midwest with no pool. 

    In short, I think Maddie would love it.  I plan to take Desmond sooner than we did Dexter. Maybe by the end of the summer when he is 9 months or so. 

    For us, the classes are a little pricey, though, imo.  $65 for a 7-week session, since we are not members of the Y.  (I think members pay $35 for the 7-week session.)  So I don't know if we'll keep it up as regularly as we otherwise would. It'd almost be better for us to just become members of the Y and take him on occasion, then do real swimming lessons when he's old enough to go and follow directions.

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    Cool.  Ours are through the Y, too, but fortunately we only have to pay the member rate.  Saturday classes don't start until July, so she'll have just turned 1 by then. 

    I'm with Dex on the WTF @ the aluminum pole.
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