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FB whine

Ads are completely taking over.  Now they're not only on the right side, they're on the left and mixed in between posts.

I don't suppose there's any way to hide all this crap, is there?

Re: FB whine

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    I agree.  The FB ads are insane and the "So and so like a picture". 
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    i spend so much less time on FB now than i did when i first signed up because of all the nonsense.
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    If you're using Google Chrome, the Disconnect tool stops a lot of those.  I think, b/c people complain about seeing a lot of them and I rarely see any.  If I do, it's usually just a line on the side, rather than the full picture/ad.
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    I see ads on the right, but none on the left, and rarely do I see ones in my feed. I run Chrome. 

    I have to say, when I could afford some ads for my page and for BLACK, they worked. It's how I got up to over 500 fans. I've had virtually no new ones since I stopped running ads. 
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