I am glad you found netting for a veil. I have since the picture unstitched it and tried again. I just cant get happy with it. It becomes too poofy at the top. Advise I can give you though is buying one of those heads it has help shape it tons. Also if you dont like it the first time undo it and try again this is my 6th time Haha.

Sorry I didnt post back on the other board i like this one better LOL

and how popular are you getting paged twice in a row :)

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    haha, thanks.

    i haven't started yet because it is making me nervous. i don't wnat to cut it too much. the site that i think you linked me to says to cut it in a semi circle-ish thing.. i'll let you know when i start. I think my head is WAY too big so if i buy one of those heads it won't help. I'll just make a fellow big headed friend help me. hahahahaha. just joking. i'll probably make it alone.

    getting the comb this week. just haven't made it to joanns. :) so excited to make it. thanks for the inspiration boo!
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    actually I have a big ol head too LOL but the head still helped with the shape. Having a friend does help too. I had my moh help me last time. And her nickname in HS was Big head kaknee (poor girl) so I think she has us all beat :)

    your welcome for the inspiration boo
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    Jumping in - Sarack, where did you find your netting? I haven't yet gone hunting around to see what varieties are available.
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