Bachelorette Party Ideas *Not My Party*

My best friend is getting married the last weekend in December and I'm helping plan the bachelorette party. I grew up in Vancouver and haven't spent much time in Seattle so this is proving slightly challenging.
We are looking to have the party the 28th of December, which is a Wednesday. Everyone is pretty low key, she doesn't want us to go crazy on this. We were thinking nice dinner, karaoke bar and staying downtown (The W or the Westin, one of the bridesmaids has a family rate there). Does anyone have any suggestions for different places to go? Or any other suggestions for us. We're pretty open minded and not committed to anything at this point. There will probably be 7-10 of us. TIA!!

Re: Bachelorette Party Ideas *Not My Party*

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    Are you planning to go to go out or do you want to maybe try a spa day? I have no idea about karaoke places in Seattle- yelp has good reviews on the rock box 

    If you want to do a spa thing Olympus Spa is what I recommend- they have a place in Tacoma and Seattle and are open until midnght. My sister did her b-party there and we all soaked got body scrubs or massages and facials etc. 
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