Seamstress: What to do?

Okay, so here's the dilmemma.  I set up an appt with Darcy a couple weeks ago for first meeting May 1st.  Mind you when I set up the appointment the call back came a day after I left the VM and I spoke with her assistant, not Darcy. 

Then the whole concern came up last week about if she's still in business, etc. since Sara tried to reach her and never heard back, her info changed, etc.  So I called last Wed and left a VM.  Didn't hear anything.  Left another VM yesterday and since I was getting nervous I also called Deb and left her a VM.  Deb called me back this morning and I set up an appt with her on May 22nd.  Then Darcy called me this evening while I was at my personal training session and left a VM.  So at least I know she's alive.

Here's the thing: I will be staying up in Kirkland a couple days before the wedding & Darcy will be easier for me to get to than Deb.  Not to mention I'm up in Bellevue/kirkland often enough where I can plan my trip accordingly for alterations appts.  However, the whole not calling back thing worries me.  Plus Sara still hasn't heard back from Darcy.  And I know Jenn went with Deb due to phone tag issues as well.  And the phone thing does worry me a bit especially since someone mentioned she's having medical issues?  If that's the case, I likely would be better off going with someone else right?  To make sure my alterations are done?

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Re: Seamstress: What to do?

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    Both ladies are quite good from what I have heard. Where Darcy would be more convenient to get to, I think that Deb would be a better pick for peace of mind! It's awful when you are getting so close and all of a sudden you can't get ahold of someone so important.
    Call Darcy and thank her for taking the time so far to help you but let her know that you no longer need her services as something has come up and you have been forced to change vendors.
    That way, if she isn't as attentative because of health problems it doesn't upset her more and if it's just something she is going through it won't effect you in the end. Trust me, I'm sure there will be enough things to stress out about as you get closer to your special day. You DON'T need to be worrying about your dress and whether Darcy will be there for you.
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    Either way, GL!
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    i think it's still pretty much a tossup. if she's getting back to you, then that's no problem anyway...since you already have your dress, you're not really in a big rush...if you like darcy better, then still go with her..since you have plenty of time. i'd keep deb as a backup, in case darcy flakes. (or that one in bellevue you were telling me about yest).
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    I agree with Jennlin. That is what I would do. Glad to know Darcey is still alive at lease.
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    I would just call her and ask her what's up, that you know of people trying to get in touch with her who are not getting responses and that people aren't sure she's in business, etc. You'll probably get a better sense of the situation by her reaction.
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