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Please do me a favor

If I die and my family puts a picture of me in the paper along with the obit and decide to use a scan of my drivers license...please send them boxes of poo.

I was just looking up my g-pa's obit and the lady listed just below them has a picture that is an obvious scan...and it is NOT a good picture.  Poor thing.

Also, I am giving a side-eye to the fact that someone included my g-pa's "step-children" amongst his survivors.  All five of them are listed by name.  When he was 80 he married another 80 year-old woman and they were married for 12 years.  It isn't an insignificant relationship, but it wasn't like he helped to raise them.  Mind you that his own grandchildren are not listed. 

I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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Re: Please do me a favor

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