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Accidently Over-Invited!!! :s

 When my fiance and I discussed the guest list for our wedding, we had a decent amount of people and stayed within our people-restriction for the reception venue. After sending out Save The Dates, my fiance said something about his cousin's five (FIVE!) children, and it came to light that he had forgotten to include a number of children in his count. Which means we are now sixteen people over our limit for the reception venue...!!!!!
 We can't un-invite guests, and we can't tell these people they aren't allowed to bring their children because I included children on my side of the guest list.
Any ideas as to what we can do about this? I'm really, really stressing!!!

Re: Accidently Over-Invited!!! :s

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    Not everyone that you invite is going to show up to your wedding. I'm sure you'll be fine.
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    Of the 80 people I invited only 50 showed up. That being said it's never a good idea to over-invite. Did you invite the parents? A lot of parents assume their children are invited unless otherwise stated.
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     Yes, we invited the parents and then after the fact my fiance told me about the children. So there isn't really any way out of it... Kids were included on my side, so it's not a no-kids wedding. But his forgetfulness means we have over-invited. 
     I know not everyone will show up, but it's just a huge stress on my shoulders right now...! I'm trying to think of a possible solution in case the majority of our invited guests rsvp "yes".
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    Does your venue have a side room or area that can be used for kids? It sounds like you're well within your limits for adults, so if you set up a little play room for the younger kids you should be fine. And, the children would probably have more fun that way anyway.
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    Usually I say never over-invited, but 16 isn't a huge number.  You'll have more than that decline.  Plus your declines could be a group of 5 instead of 2.

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    You will probably be okay.  We invited 200, knowing that at least 50 weren't coming, and ended up with 130.  Obviously, everyone is different, but we knew my mom's favorite (but ollldddd) aunt and uncle out in CA weren't going to fly to PA for a wedding.  I'm pretty sure you've got people on your list like that, right?  Try not to freak out about it too much. 
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