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late: hoarders

arline: i never understand these people who live in flerking PARADISE and choose to live in squalor.  but dh told me that a large portion of the native population in hawaii are quite poor.  but still.  maybe sell some of that and you will just be slightly less poor.

she was also the first asian/pacific islander hoarder i have seen.  breaking barriers, my people!

i did love how she successorized her head and hair -- flowers, yarn, a hat -- she had it all.

i died a little when she kept shouting "banzai!"  didn't kamikaze pilots shout that right before they crashed their planes into ships on their suicide missions?  just asking.

carolyn: holy cow.  i have a temper but i don't think i've ever made the noise or face daughter melissa made.  wow.  she is el tejon, the badger.

btw -- i am adding him as a friend.  if only you could "become a fan."


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    [QUOTE] she was also the first asian/pacific islander hoarder i have seen.  breaking barriers, my people! Posted by hmonkey[/QUOTE]

    Finally, a hero you can relate to.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    hmo - Your H probably was envious of her H. At least he has a car to sleep in - you make yours sleep on the lawn.
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    You know I thought of you when I saw this. I seem to remember them having a show with one of your cousins before, so I don't think she was the first.

    She was good and crazy, and I felt for that poor man sleeping in his car. However, why would he sleep in the car. I never get why the spouse puts up with that.
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