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This makes me sad

My two BFFs in high school were sisters.  In high school they were sometimes best friends and sometimes worst enemies (those periods were not so fun for me), but mostly normal sister stuff.  Then they both went off the deep end for a bit in their early 20s and had some ugly, ugly fights (belongings thrown into the streets, etc.) and periods of "you are dead to me!"  But then they both seemed to get their lives together, finished school, got good jobs, met (what seem like) good, stable spouses, settled down and chilled out.  They were BMs in each others weddings, etc. and the last time I spoke with either of them everything seemed hunky dory.

I'm FB friends with both of them and their mom.  Sister #1 had a baby last week and is posting pics and updates.  Meanwhile mom was posting pictures of some festival in her town with no mention of new grandbaby.  Sister also didn't mention it, so I checked.  None of them are actually FB friends with one another.   Of course that doesn't mean for sure that they aren't on speaking terms, but knowing their history I think I'm safe in inferring that.  And it makes me so sad.  All three of them are really smart, funny, sweet people beloved by many.  But yet they can't seem to be that way with each other.  :(


I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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Re: This makes me sad

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    that sucks.
    (and that sort of thing is hard on kids too.  Not to be all about the chilllldren, but, esp. if they're local to each otehr "why don't we ever see aunt sue?" is...hard)
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    That is said. 
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