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If you want fruit trees, be prepared to want other things - like flies, wasps, bees, gnats and critters - mice, rats, racoons, armadillos, etc.

Our neighbors have them and our dogs are up barking at all hours of the night from the critters crawling on our fence to get to the fruit at night.

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    I want an armadillo
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    thanks for the advice - have you noticed that some fruit is worse than others? 

    The birds got all of my blueberries this past spring, and the squirrels went after the tomatoes. 

    DH and I were talking about armadillos the other day - I heard that they are garden pests in TX - we figured Rogue would have fun with them - she'd think they were toys. 
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    Fig trees are beacons for birds and bugs. My lemon tree didn't get many attacks, though.
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    I was looking more towards citrus (oranges/lemons/limes/kumquats) and pomegranate, possibly pecans
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    We had an orange tree in PHX, and it didn't attract anything. Of course, there's little to attract in PHX, but what there was didn't seem especially interested. 
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    All fruit trees around here are bad re: bugs and critters, IMO.

    FTR, the dogs ARE inside at night.  See, we have these things called windows - do you have them in your area?  Maybe not.  They're clear barriers traditionally put in homes, offices and cars - you can see straight through them.  Anyways.  When they hear something scampering through the back yard, the dogs look through the windows and go BSC.
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    we're used to the dogs (well, the little one) going BSC at night - the plow sets him off, and we've had plenty of that the last few months. 

    Rogue is pretty quiet - it takes a lot to get her to bark. 

    critters don't bother them (at least for now) - we've got groundhogs, raccoons, skunks, and a fox in our neighborhood. 
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