Wedding Woes

Xmas at the ILs

No real drama, but I was pretty miserable.  They scheduled it for 1:00, apparently without consulting any of their grandchildren's parents.  So, due to naps, everyone was late.

By the time we got there, we were eating cold lasagna.  There was also green beans (canned) and lil' smokies. 

There were 11 people (ok, 10 and 1 infant) and six chairs. 

Apparently now there is a running joke that DH finished the salad last Xmas and there was none left when Niece (then age 5) went back for seconds.  So she basically ate ALL of the salad (caesar from a kit).  I believe the plan is to make more salad next year so that other people will be allowed to eat it, too.

MIL whipped out dessert and said, "It's some kind of jello thing I found for only $1 a box at Aldi! So that whole thing was $2!"  Now, that doesn't automatically mean it's bad. But it's not a good sign if the cost is the biggest selling point.  She also went on to talk about how "there's some kind of spice in it." and "I don't know what that middle layer is."  Um, no thanks. I will pass.

It was just chaos on top of more chaos.  Naturally, the tree was there for all of the toddlers to pull ornaments off of (and then cry when you took said ornaments away from them). 

I mean, there wasn't any drama or anything, but it was still pretty miserable.  I can't complain too much about the gifts the boys got, either, though there were a few noisemakers in there.  They got lots of legos and play-doh, and I am fans of both (nice open-ended, imagination-building toys). 

OH - when we were wrapping up a few presents the night before, DH said, "Mom always comments on how nice and neat your presents are wrapped."  I was very confused. I mean, I just wrap them and put curling ribbon or a store-bought bow on top.  Then I was opening their gifts and noticed that the paper was often loose and didn't actually cover the whole gift.  So by comparison, yeah, I guess mine was really fancy. 

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