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DH is a bad student

So, DH is back to college full time.

He was sitting in one of the halls on a break, waiting for class to start.  He said he was reading homework, so wasn't really keeping track of the time.  He noticed students scurrying into class late and thought, Crap!  I'm late to class, so goes barreling in after them.

To the wrong class.  He's embarrassed now and doesn't want to get up and walk out, so he stays in the class.

All the way through their group project of the day.

I still can't believe he sat through an hour long class and a group project. I laughed and laughed at him.

Re: DH is a bad student

  • No kidding?  LOL!  That's awful.  Bahahah!
  • That is HILARIOUS.  Did he miss his own class, though? 

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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  • Nope, he stayed for his class too.  It was right after that one.

    In his defense, this is a weird timing thing.  He has chemistry 4/5 days.  3/4 classes start at 12:30.  This one class starts at 12:55.  He said the professor has even screwed up the late day.  The only thing we can figure is scheduling the classrooms was a problem.

    He's silly.  He came home yesterday all, "I got to play with acid today!"  He's really enjoying the addition of Geology to his major, which is nice.  It's nice to see him a little out of his funk.
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    hehehe I needed that laugh.
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