Wedding Woes

Weird dream about my ex last night

I dreamed that H and I moved just down the road from him. In my dream he was living in a little streamline trailer (appropriate, but probably due to the fact that I watched The Runaways last night) and H and I in a cute but little house.

Anyway, we all soon realized we lived near each other. Well, Ex finally approached me one day when H was at work and was all, "WTF are you doing here?!" like he owned the area. I told him we're all adults, and he'll just have to live with us living near him. He started to bring up our relationship and I was all over him screaming at him about what a terrible person he was and how could he do X, Y, and Z. He eventually backed down when I refused to, I felt triumphant, but he was still a douche.

So H and I took to screwing with his head. We would get in his (unlocked) vehicle at night and move things around on the seat, rearrange the plants on the stairs in front of his trailer, sticking window clings to his vehicle - random small stuff because we thought it was funny.

So yes, in my dreams I am petty and I felt a little like Busy, except - you know - there were no severed feet hanging like fuzzy dice from the rear view or anything.

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