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What is wrong with people

This is really just a rant cuz I'm super irritated.

Why is it everyone I've met since first grade seems to believe they deserve an invite to my wedding? I'm not even invite some close friends from work to save space(we have a guest list of roughly 175 right now which we decided to set aside an extra 5k to get maybe up to 200 people) I can not even tell you how many times I've been asked "So I'm coming to the wedding right?" uhhhh no, not in a million years. If your number isn't even in my phone book you are NOT getting an invite to my wedding....

Also why do random people have opnions on what I should do?  "Oh I have this fantastic dj/band/photographer etc etc" we already have that stuff planned and when I tell them "Oh thanks but we already have dj/band/photographer etc etc" people go "Oh no you really should do insert thing they did at their wedding" Friends, family, random strangers who see my ring and want to chat me up about it.

One of these days I'm going to yell at someone. Ich


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    People just want to show their excitement and interest to you. But I know what you mean about those assuming that they are invited. I don't even bring up the wedding around people I probably won't invite, but they still say things like, "So, the wedding is when?" ,"Oh, it's going to be fun", "Where is it again?" and I don't know how to tell them that we don't have room for them and they probably won't be invited. I just keep my mouth shut and hope I don't see them much between now and the wedding.
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    I was going through the same thing. I have been engaged since December and am planning my wedding for October. My fiance and I agree on our budget and we are not deviating from the cost. we are not going over. We are not putting anything on credit, we refuse to go into debt for it. we are saving for a house and also for our future kids. that being said, sometimes your budget dictates your guest count. But even if we had an enormous budget, we wouldn't want to have multitides of people. We only want friends and family who are close to us there. I agree with you. If someon's number is not in my phone, and I don;t spedn time with them, why would I want them to stand before God, family, and friends to witness my marriage? I have co-workers that i only see in the hall that are "expecting" an invite. Acquaintances from years ago have popped up asking about their invitations. Don't feel "guilted" into inviting people you could care less about attending. When you look back at your wedding and your wedding album, you want to see the people that matter the most to you, not the random person who is there for free food, drink, and dance.
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    Don't talk about your wedding with people who won't be invited.  If they bring it up or ask a question, simply answer and change the subject.  Or maybe slip in the fact that due to budget, you have restrictions on the head count...

    Regarding advice, people are always going to give you their 2 cents.  Any time you have something major going on (wedding, baby, buying a house, etc.), every one who has been through it is going to tell you "you have to do THIS."  Again, just thank them for their advice and tell them you're still working on the details.  And change the subject.
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    Smile sweetly, say "thanks, that's an interesting idea and we'll keep it in mind" and then change the subject :)
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    I agree with Muffin's mom...on wedding party they call it bean dip "oh that's a wonderful idea....mmm...have you tried this bean dip?"

    As for people trying to invite themselves, it is VERY rude, I've never assumed I was invited to a wedding. I know it gets annoying, but just smile nicely and say "we're working on a budget, so we're not sure what the head count would be" and then bean dip.

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