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i received a parking ticket 2 months ago for alternate side of the street parking. however, i was parked on the correct side of the street. i was parked close to the corner next to a restaurant, and the ticket has me parked in front of the restaurant instead of on the side of the restaurant, where parking was okay.

so i pleaded "not guilty" and requested a hearing by mail, which i have done so many times in the past without issue. it was a $45 ticket.

i got a response back that i never responded to the first summons, so i have to pay a $10 penalty fee. stupid me replied by mail AGAIN. sure i could have paid it just to go away, but i didn't. with my work schedule, i can't just go to the place to fight it, so i just should have paid it. it's in another county and parking in that area is a nightmare.

they never received my follow up response in the mail, so now i have another penalty fee. i am going to call to see if i could speak to someone on the phone about my attempt to do the hearing by mail, because i have copies of my disputes. i am not hopeful.

this is where laziness will get you. laziness and forgetfulness to follow up the first time.

Re: drat.

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    I wonder if they would lose your payment too.

    Can you pay it over the phone?
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    i could do it online, i am just having a hard time giving my money away to the city when i didnt do anything wrong. the problem is that the amount of the ticket isnt worth using vacation time or sick time to deal with. i want to call and see if they could locate my dispute, but there's no phone number i could find easily. stupid big city stupidity.

    if this happened in the county i live in now, i could call and speak to someone no problem without even dealing with an automated system.
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