Wedding Woes

DH is mean

Yesterday afternoon he sent a text with the fight song and the cheer for the University he interviewed with.  I thought he got an offer.  Bastard.

Oh well.  We had a blast at the company picnic.  The place was really nice- a big sand pt with trucks for the kids; bonfire for the adults, good food for all.  Then they had a hayride that the kids loved. 

One of the kids was born an extreme preemie.  He's 2 now and thriving.  He just got cleared for one on one play.  So we've got a playdate set!  I'm excited he's doing so incredibly well.  He has hearing problems, but is otherwise a-okay.  The therapists said being with an other kid should help his speech and I think it would be good for 6let to be with a kid that signs.  Win-win.

A new hire has 2 kids.  They live within walking distance so we've got some playdate time set up too.  Hopefully the other kid gets cleared for group play soon and we can all get together.

Oh and I ended up liking what I was wearing, but I still hate this haircut. 
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