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That's not good

So one of my dogs pees when he gets excited.  When I pick him up from boarding, I always bring his halter and leash so that they can hook him up and walk him out to me outside because he will pee when he sees me.  So I went to pick them up on my lunch hour today.  There was a new girl working at the front desk and I didn't realize that she had already notified anyone that I was there while she was trying to figure out how to charge me and get the medicine I was picking up, etc. 

The next thing I know one of the vet techs had brought out both dogs.  She was holding them (they are about 10 and 15 pounds) and they were wiggling like crazy so she tried to sit them on the counter.  Before I could stay anything, Stanley peed all over the counter and the vet tech.  She laughed but the new girl behind the counter was more than a little horrified.  I grabbed my medicine, my dogs and left.  I'm going to think twice before I swagger in there and prop my elbows on the counter again.

I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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Re: That's not good

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    TheDuckisTheDuckis member
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    New girl needs to get used to it. I have to imagine they get dogs peeing on the counter all the time.
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    nicoleg1982nicoleg1982 member
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    Imagine nearly 80 lb. Bailey wizzing on you  The vet tech sometimes will bring a mop out and sit in the corner until we're in a room.
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    *Barbie**Barbie* member
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    i'm happy that Rogue doesn't have this issue - at 127lbs, she can hold a lot of pee. 

    last time she had an accident (my fault, i should have walked her sooner), it looked like we had a yellow swimming pool in the middle of our kitchen. It took me half a roll of paper towels to clean it up.
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