help finding a venue on a budget

We are not planning on getting married until Aug. 2012. We have set a very tight budget of $5000.00. Do you think this is do able in Wa.?

We have a lot of DIY Ideas to help save, but are struggling to find a venue.

We want an outdoor ceremony with the option of there being an indoors for reception.

We are trying to do a back yard BBQ for the reception so we need a place that will allow us to do that.

We would do a park but I do not want guests having to use a bathroom that smells like pee. Which is the main reason for the indoor.

We looked at Thornewood Castle in Lakewood it's a beautiful place but a little further then we think we want our guests to have to travel.

We are going to view Lake Wilderness Lodge (Maple Valley) and Druid's Glen (Kent)

Do any of you have any suggestions for venues?

I am at the point where I feel like giving up because our budget is too small.

Re: help finding a venue on a budget

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    How many guests are you expecting?

    You could check out golden gardens bath house? -- http://www.seattle.gov/parks/reservations/goldengardens.htm

    Or Tacoma's Browns Point Improvement Club --  http://www.brownspoint.org/rental.html


    Oh. Mercer Island Community Center -- http://www.mercergov.org/Page.asp?NavID=2804 and here's their wedding brochure http://www.mercergov.org/files/WeddingBrochure_MICEC.pdf
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    Youre budget is really small for you to be picky about park venues quite honestly. My venue is 100$/hour up in bellingham so that's also an option.
    But I really tihnk you need to reconsider a park area in seattle or everett... The parks are beautiful and that doesn't automatically mean that the bathrooms are bad (for example Ft Ealy has GREAT public bathrooms that are always super clean and pee-smell-free)

    This link will take you to the list of parks in Everett that have banquet hall facilities and therefore have indoor bathrooms.:

    Legion hall is VERY nice, indoor private bathroom for you if you rent the facility and if you get married on monday-thursday it's 60 bucks an hour. Also, because it's county/city run, they are much more 'lax on your vendors, which will allow you to do a cookout style if that's what you're wanting.
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    I am getting married at Legion hall in Everett in two weeks. Its a park and it really doesnt smell. Its also got gorgeous views, is right next to the arboretum so its great for pics. It has two nice patios on either side of the building, one of which we are going to use for the ceremony. Look at parks. They are a budget friendly option if you are willing to put the time in to find the right one.
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    Thanks for the suggestions.

    Parks were never out of the picture it was just we wanted a park with decent bathrooms and we don't know of any.
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    Use  the county website and Marymoore park is really nice. A pretty cheap place is the Rosehill Community Center in Mukilteo but I don't think you can BBQ there :(
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    I went to a wedding last summer at the Renton Community Center and it was gorgeous, with indoor and outdoor options.  I'm not sure of the exact price but I know the bride was on a tight budget.  It might be worth looking into?
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    Yeah I have heard that place is really nice... As is the Rosehill Community center in Mukelteo. RIGHT on the water.. love it!
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    We booked Rhythmwaters on Whidbey Island - pretty sure it has a BBQ - it definitely has a firepit.  It's $1500 for Fri/Sat/Sun, you can do whatever you want to with food.  Limited in size to 30(?) guests without also renting a tent. 

    It is really, really pretty!


    Also, do you have your dress?  Blue Sky Bridal is great - consignment dresses are half the original price - I love my dress, and it was $550 - lots of dresses are less. 
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