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mild customer service rant

OK, maybe more like a whine.

I tried to return a pair of running shoes that fell apart after not much use, and the stupid won't take them back.

It *has* been almost a year since I ordered them, but I've seriously worn them *maybe* 20 or 30 times. Reebok says "Reebok footwear used for its intended purpose has an expected life of 9-12 months or 300-500 miles."  I've used them maybe 30 times, for *maybe* 100 miles total of walking, not running. And that's being REALLY generous. 

Reebok also says they will stand behind whatever the retailer says, so no recourse, I guess. I get that the retailer is within their rights not to accept a return this late, but the shoes are legitimately defective, and they just lost a customer over $60. Zappo's would NEVER do that, and they reap the benefits every day. 

Just grrr. 

In brighter news, I have already replaced the shoes with some that fit/feel better and were only $45. So there.


Re: mild customer service rant

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    contact reebok. if you had the shoes for a year, how are they supposed to know you really only wore them 20 times? i agree they shouldn't fall apart after normal wear, but technically you're supposed to replace your regular running shoes every 6 months anyway. if they did something that was not clear in their return policy, i'd say you have a case. in the end, you do have the choice where to spend your money.

    i think H had a pair of nike fall apart after a short amount of regular wear and i completely forgot to contact them about it. ah well.
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    I agree with you.

    Just an interesting additional fact to add:  When we were doing the "running school" at our local hospital gym, they brought in one of their orthopedic specialists to talk about shoes, how they were built, how they can impact your running stride, etc.  

    He said he had a rep from one of the major companies tell him one time that it didn't matter what mileage you put on your shoes, they were made of materials that would start to break down and not be supportive enough after one year, whether you used them or they just sat in the box in your closet.  I was shocked by that, but after paying attention for the last few years, I think it's true.

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    Well, I did specify it in the comments when I stated the reason for the return. But yes, they do pretty much have to take my word for it. 

    IDK. I'm not going to fight it. actually doesn't even have a stated policy for defective product, at least not that I can find. Which is odd. I mean, when they denied my return, one reason was that it wasn't in the original packaging, and another was that they "showed signs of wear." Um, ok. 

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