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Stupid movie reviews

Big Stan

I don't know if you ever heard of this.  It's not that old, only from 2007, but I never saw it on cable or saw previews for it coming out in the movies.  Maybe it was straght to video, and for good reason.  Rob Schneider plays a con man who is sentenced to jail, gets a six-month stay to get his affairs in order, and kind of becomes a ninja in the meantime and then cleans up the jail and makes harmony and whatnot.  it's basically The Longest Yard without the football or the murder.  Despite all this, and because I'm a simpleton, I enjoyed it.  I'd watch it again.

Hot Tub Time Machine

I loved, loved, LOVED this movie.  It was almost as stupid as Big Stan, yet somehow required less suspension of disbelief than Rob Schneider becoming a badass.  It was funny, simple, and made me feel good about life.  I'd highly recommend it.

Re: Stupid movie reviews

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    My financial advisor says that it actually gets funnier with rewatching.
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    I loved Hot Tub Time Machine too!  I think audiences can affect how awesome an otherwise so-so movie is, though, because our audience was busting up during the whole thing so I think that made me laugh more than I would have otherwise.  Surprisingly funny. 

    We also loved Cop Out, which got terrible reviews.  But we thought it was hilarious.  But we also love Tracy Morgan.
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    I loved Hot Tub Time Machine. I think Rob Corddry is hilarious.
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