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6 - baby questions

Are you going to find out if baby is a boy or girl?  If so, it should be soon, right?

Will this baby be an M3?

How are you holding up chasing the other two around all day?

Re: 6 - baby questions

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    6fsn6fsn member
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    We will find out Aug 1 if it's boy or girl.  We kind of feel it needs to be an M.  It was a total fluke the other 2 were Ms, but now you can't have the unexpected one also be a different letter.

    Some days are better chasing days.  We've been riding bikes a lot and honestly I love that more than walking.  They also have a sandbox that can occupy them for an hour.  A blessed hour of not worrying. 

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    WzzWzz member
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    i am looking forward to hearing the names for this new baby. i think we should have a thread to give you some helpful ideas and suggestions.
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