Wedding Woes

So tired.

I went to bed late because we were watching the first 2 episodes of SoA, so I got to bed around 11:45.

I was up from 3:50 to 5AM this morning. I woke up super hot, and I had to fold back the sheets and blankets and go sit on the couch in the living room where we keep it 67 degrees at night and cool off.

I watched some Who's The Boss and finally fell back asleep in bed. My body hurts.
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Re: So tired.

  • yuck. I've learned that I cannot be on this website, or else I stay up until 3am refreshing and posting.
  • Same to you. The hormones are outrageous. I used to freeze because DH keeps the house so cold. Now a tank top and cotton pj pants are too heavy for me.
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