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My mom is upset wtih me and it's not my fault

My cousin is hosting Christmas eve.  We were waffling on going, but decided we were going to skip.  I called my mom that day and e-mailed my cousin to say we wouldn't be there.  My parents gave us a zoo membership for Christmas.  In the same call about Christmas eve I invited my to join us at the zoo and told them I'd give her her cards then.

She just called to see if we were going Christmas eve and to ask if I had sent their membership cards.  I knew she wasn't listening when I was telling her about the eve and the zoo.  Now she swears I never told her these things and I could tell she wasn't happy with me.  Guess I need to e-mail her crap.

Re: My mom is upset wtih me and it's not my fault

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    Welcome to my life. With two sisters, my mom could never remember who she had told what information. My entire life was, "I told you X, Y and Z!" Mom. Me, "NO YOU DID NOT!" Cue the lifetime feelings of I FEEL LIKE I AM TAKING CRAZY PILLS. Now my husband is starting to do this to me and I am >< this close to putting him out on the street.
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