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Sometimes I don't want to be right

Friend had an interview for a promotion at her current job.  One of the questions was where she wanted to be in 5 years.  She said she wanted to be "somewhere down south by the time I'm 50."  She's 43.  I told her in the future to not add the "down south part" and she didn't believe me.

She didn't get the job and they specifically said it was because she wanted to move. 

Re: Sometimes I don't want to be right

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    Do people really not understand that the interviewer doesn't want to know the real answers to those questions?

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    She's kind of in a weird spot because she's interviewing for her first "real jobs" post graduation, but she's not a 22 yo.  That answer may have been fine for the pizza delivery jobs she had before or if she was 22, but they don't work now. 

    She went on to some other rant about hiring someone that "lied" and didn't say she was pregnant.  The chick was all of 8 wks when they hired her.  The person that did get the job is newly married and now friend is all smug "I hope she's pg."  I want to smack her about that. 

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